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SILVER 180 LIFELINE Widows' Virtual Team 12-Month Membership

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The Power of Team

Join our online team of widows from the comfort of your home using your smart phone or laptop camera! We virtually meet twice a month and systematically go through the 12-MONTH 180 Your Life Grief Empowerment program to train body, mind, & spirit in healthy and wise choices so you and your family can thrive after loss.

180 Groups are starting for East Coast, Mid-West, & West Coast areas offering different time options for your convenience.

This group is designed to inspire, encourage, and empower you to craft a life you love after loss by using the joy of collaboration along with the convenience of online learning.

You and a group of widows will walk through our best practice coaching content while enjoying virtual group sessions along the way.

Each group is limited to 12 people. Starts January 2019!

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The New Year Annual Special

  • Investment to participate in a Virtual Group is $399 (one-time payment).
  • That comes out to less than $40 per month for group widow coaching 2x per month, or about $20 per session!

We encourage widows to share this opportunity and allow family and friends to invest in empowering the next chapter of their lives in a strategic fashion.

Learn more about the benefits of being on our Team here:

Team is for widowed female members only.

Empower a widow and her family ALL YEAR by gifting this membership with your tax-deductible donation!